About Us

20+ years of experience

Internationally Recognized & Trusted Insect Control

InsectXtreme is a company with over twenty years of experience working with insecticides and insect repellents covering various industries. We have worked with leading scientists throughout the world. Our objective is to take the best of all scientific endeavors in the mosquito abatement industry and bring them to market in a highly efficient and totally natural and safe way.

Our goal at InsectXtreme is to bring the experience, knowledge, and professional discoveries we’ve gained during our global health insect control initiatives to local communities to help improve everyday lives, one product at a time.

What We Do

The InsectXtreme group has worked on large international projects that deal with insecticides and repellents for vector control (such as mosquitos, ticks, and other biting arthropods), and we have a host of technical experts we work alongside who use cutting-edge and proven technological advances to aid in malaria prevention throughout the developing world.

In 2016, we helped to protect the United States team from the threat of the Zika Virus as they traveled to Brazil for the Summer Olympic Games.


South Carolina, 29812 USA